Life Is Full Of Disappointments But It Is Your Reaction To Them That Matters

Disappointment is perhaps one of life’s only impactful predictabilities. Everyone, at some point has to face it. The intense feeling of grief, sadness fosters negative beliefs in mind especially when someone or something doesn’t turn out the way we have expected. Thus, disappointment is inevitable.

The most important people in our lives simply don’t come through for us when it really counts. We are only enlightened by the incapability of our friends and family when the going gets hard. The feeling of loneliness in times of need can leave you in desperate need for support but more than that, the feeling is devastating in itself.

Even in professional lives, you could be hard working, dedicated, be a knowledgeable person and have years of experience but, can still be overlooked for recognition and promotions. All this could leave a person feeling demoralized, unworthy and undervalued.

There are many sources of disappointments in life that leave us discouraged and hopeless. It could be our own parents, teachers. Even our friends could turn down on us. A partner could betray you in the most devastating way. All these things confirm that life doesn’t go as per one’s expectations.

Throughout our lives, we are motivated to aim for the stars and live our dreams. We are also taught to socialize with people and made to believe the best in them. By doing this, we accept that disappointments are inevitable in live and we need to learn to live with it since sometimes our expectations and goals are way too high. Also, when we are constantly encouraged to see the best in others we then, tend to expect that others would behave according to our terms.

Alexander Pope had righty said that, blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. I expect that it could not be as basic as this to expect nothing and avoid that crushing feeling of disappointment. As people who think, hope, and feel that there is no life to be lived in the absence of expectations, they’re wrong. It is extremely tough to sail through disappointments especially, when they are unavoidable.

Truly awful events can either make us or break us. It is how we react to tough situations in life that helps us develop resilience against bad experiences. It is indeed humanly difficult to suppress and get over something as emotionally challenging as sadness.

One can’t manipulate another person’s response to your needs. They won’t react in a way you’d behaved with them and in a manner, you’d expected them to respond. It is advisable to be open minded in your response towards disappointment. One must consider disappointments as a source of learning.

Process your negative emotions, step back a little, assess the experience and think objectively about the cause. Be loyal and honest about why you have been feeling it. It shall guide you towards establishing an achievable plan.

Everyone has the access to be appreciated, loved, supported and stay fulfilled. Hence, everyone has the power to transform the negative emotions into positive actions and pave way towards a more constructive lifestyle.