Japanese Café Ensuring Social Distancing With Cuddly Capybaras

When you have a glimpse of the increasing COVID-19 cases, it is clearly visible that it isn’t going to end soon but it would rather stay for a longer time. If that's the case, existing frantically with everything shut down isn’t going to work.

So, it’s time for certain businesses to run again as earlier. However, we’re bound to follow the social distancing rules and if necessary, implement specific ideas to help in the same direction. Similarly, a Japanese café is also trying to maintain the equilibrium while letting the visitors have their fun. The café at IzuShaboten Zoo in Shizuoka didn’t fall back on sticking with the maxim.

Using soft toys can be more of an interest to prevent people from feeling lonely. With the help of the soft cuddly capybaras inside the café, it would refrain the visitors from sitting too close while also ensuring that they can have fun. This animal appears to be a giant rodent who hails from the South American region. Moreover, this idea has already been demonstrated by the IzuShaboten Zoo on their website.

The description says: “At GIBBONTEI, a forest animal restaurant in the IzuShaboten Zoological Park, stuffed animals such as capybaras and red pandas share a seat with customers, contributing not only to their cuteness but also to ensuring social distance of the audience.”

They added the reason behind following such an alternative so that social distancing rules shall not be violated. The café has also fixed a hand sanitizer at its entry and exit doors. Everything including the tables, chairs, and stuffed toys are also disinfected properly as soon as a group of visitors leaves the café.

Besides, you can also find other animals here like tigers, giraffes, etc. Well, there’s a reason for capybaras to be the center of attraction inside this café. From 2018, after the restaurant was renovated, capybaras became the ‘face of the restaurant’. Meanwhile, this zoo was the only one to introduce a hot water bath among the animals back in 1982.

Such measures need to be applied in all the occupations so as to maintain a distance of at least 2m among people. Besides, IzuShaboten Zoo isn’t the only one to use soft toys as an alternative to be riveted with the motto. Similarly, Maison Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok has hired toy pandas to ensure social distancing. Since the relaxation was provided to the restaurants, there needed to be a simple idea that would do the work.

In the same way, restaurants in other places around the world are devising their unique ideas to follow the restrictions. Examples include Mediamatic Eten in Amsterdam making mini-greenhouses and Inn at Little Washington in Virginia making well-dressed mannequins to seat among the visitors.