ICU Nurses Recorded Voices In Stuffed Animals To Make Patients Feel At Ease

This global pandemic has changed the perspective of people about everything. ICU nurses have found a way to make sure the coronavirus infected patients remain connected with their families in the isolation. Though the patients are sedated nurses have started recorded voices of their loved ones to make them feel at ease and home.

Small things that were never noticed are now being appreciated. The global pandemic has made us appreciate small things like the human touch and human voice more. The global pandemic has made us witness so many heartbreaking things at once. One such is making someone withdraw from the world. The same is being done with the coronavirus infected patients.

It is the necessary deed which has to be done. The coronavirus infected patients are kept separately in isolation away from the world that includes their family members. Though the isolation away from the families is forced for the safety of family and other people coming in contact is it necessary. Breaking the chain is the only solution to control the global pandemic.

While most of the people are blessed to be home with their families. There is a proportion of the population that is fighting on behalf of everyone by staying in hospitals and taking care of the coronavirus infected patients. These include healthcare workers. Seeing the heartbreaking sight of patients missing their families one ICU nurse came up with an innovative idea to fill the void of the loved ones to some extent.

Along with cards, flowers people are using stuffed toys to brings comfort to the patients. But the ICU nurse Michelle Vaughan had something else in her creative mind with the stuffed toys. Not only her stuffed bears give warm hugs but also help the coronavirus infected patients to feel closer to their family members. The toys talk back to their loved ones.


The nurse working for seven years now had never seen anything like this. It changed the ways people are to be taken care of. She shared “The very first COVID-19 patient that came into our intensive care unit, she was really sick. It was really sad, because her family member wasn’t able to be with her. It was her husband, and that really touched me. I was so heartsick for him.”

Since the family members are not allowed to share the same room as of their patient, something else had to be done for closure. Michelle Vaughan and her fellow nurse Meagan Wright working at St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, came up with an innovative plan to reconnect the families. Both the nurses reached out to the families and encouraged them to record their messages for their loved ones.

Wright explained “We encourage them to use nicknames. We always say to them they can hear that. It’s something they know, and it will help them fight. We’ve seen it.” After all, is done no time is wasted and the stuffed toy is placed in the arms of the patients and with just one push the toy works it wonders. Two dozen such toys have already been distributed.