Homeless Teen Named Valedictorian Of His Class As He Graduates High School

A shelter is important when it comes to nurturing a child and giving him good education. Homeless people suffer a lot. A family in Florida went through homelessness many times. In spite of this situation the son of Melva named Martin Folsom graduated from high school with flying colors and became valedictorian of his class.

The Jacksonville television station WJXT had an interview with Melva and Martin. They resided in Florida. They got to know about how both mother and son struggled and made it through homelessness multiple times. Despite all this, martin graduated from his school with top grades. They faced many challenges through all these years. It was not easy, but Martin Folsom’s hard work paid off. He was focused on his studies and determined to get top grades.

This was proved when he was announced as a valedictorian of his class and graduated from Philip Randolph Career Academy in Jacksonville. KTRK took an interview with the boy. Martin got goosebumps and was shaken after listening to the news of graduation and also becoming a valedictorian. It was a happy feeling. This made him feel accomplished and also the hard work that he did finally gave him a sense of satisfaction. He was proud of himself.

The report of the interview gets into the history of his family and got to know about tragic incidents of homelessness. Melva’s ex-husband was arrested for murder. He was sentenced a 40 years long imprisonment for murder. This left the family homeless. For the next 2 years, mother and son stayed like a nomad. They shifted from one place to another and lived in different shelters across five states. Now they have settled in Jacksonville.

While Folsom was in high school, they became homeless again. First in 9th grade then again in 11th grade. They were desperately searching for a place to stay in. They stayed at downtown in a McDonald’s, Melva had no place to go. She tried calling many people, organizations, everyone. They finally found a shelter later that day. Martin was a brave boy, even in times of crisis and uncertain living conditions, he did not let it affect his studies.

He was always determined and never gave up on his dreams. He became class president from his freshman year till the senior year of his school. He always looked forward and worked hard to reach at the point where he was right now. He kept motivating himself. The competition was everywhere around him. There were many smart kids in the school, and if he would let himself slip, he wouldn’t have reached this stage in his life. Even in tough times, Melva used to motivate her child to keep him going.

The amount of dedication and perseverance Martin had was commendable. Melva always pushed her kid to do better and better, not necessarily be No. 1 in everything. But to never give up and keep performing better. Martin wants to attend Valdosta State University during the fall. Following this up with graduation from Georgia University and he is willing to work with the FBI ahead in life. He dreamt big, and always thought of things that he really wanted and how he would feel after accomplishing them.

Students have gone through many changes and challenges amid the coronavirus outbreak. The time was crucial and demanded dedication. Homeless people were affected severely. Despite being homeless, Martin was able to graduate with good grades. He was dedicated and determined to accomplish his goals. This will help motivate hundreds of kids to keep moving forward and never give up on your dreams and make it an aim of their life.