Heartwarming Moment As An OAP Receives £700 Bar Tab

Gratifying scenes as a 90-year-old man was told that the public has gifted him a£700 ($990) bar tab. He was ecstatically pleased by this wonderful gesture. He thanked every person who donated. With this much money he would be able to enjoy food and drinks for over 90 days.

Pete is a 90-year-old man who loves to visit Moulsham Inn that is situated in Chelmsford. Pete recently got viral through a TikTok video. The landlord namely Tim Mephem posted TikTok videos of Pete vising the bar for a regular lunch of Hunter’s Chicken and a glass of wine. The video got thousands of views, likes and shares. Many people were happily moved by Pete’s consistency and effort to go out to eat, even if he was 90-year-old. People were so overwhelmed by Pete that in order to encourage him, they made advanced orders for him. People paid enough money that Pete could drink more than 120 wine glasses and months of lunch.

In the viral videos Pete would just describe how much he loves Moulsham Inn. He is attached to the place so much that it has become an essential part of his life. He loves the food and atmosphere of the bar. He even added that if he didn’t come here, he would be in a wooden box. He wouldn’t feel great if he has had a productive day. He doesn’t want to be confined to his home just because he is old. He wants to enjoy the things that give him happiness and eating at Moulsham Inn certainly gave him that. Tim Mephem, a 39-year-old guy knew Pete since he became the manager at Moulsham Inn. They became friends after Tim noticed that Pete was a regular at the Inn.

Tim described Pete as the most lifelike person. He can make anyone laugh or and cry with his immaculate stories. He has stories for all ages, he even does cartoon expressions which kids like. Tim said that Pete’s story isn’t unique. Many people suffer from loneliness, be it elderly, vulnerable or even teenagers. He just wants that those people should come out of their lonely cocoon and see the world outside. Inspired by Pete, Tim also known on TikTok as “The Pub Man”, is setting up a ‘Meet and Greet Lunchtime’ at his establishment where lonely people can come together to socialize.

It is nice to see when an old man enjoys his life so much. He maybe old but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t do something that pleases him. People were overwhelmed by the efforts that Pete puts in to move out of the house and eat outside. Old-age can be difficult time for many people as the body and energy both start deteriorating. But those who try to live it with heart full of happiness are the ones who enjoy it the most.

In recent times even the young people have become lazy because of the ease of technology. People don’t even want to go out, they just want to get everything with a click on their phone. Pete is a great example of how people should live their life. People didn’t give Pete money because they think he was poor. They donated because they love the guy. They love the way of life he is living, and just want to add into his happiness.