Guy Loses 60lbs To Donate Kidney To His Twin Brother

You never know who can be a miracle life saver for you. When the Divinity sets an obstruction in your path, then he also ceases to open the doors of new possibilities. When you would look back to see what you’ve had been through, it will come as a mere surprise that everything happened for a reason and in the end it all went fine.

Dalton Ingley needed a person to donate one of his/her kidneys for his kidney transplantation. Fortunately, he had his brother on his side to help him in this regard. So, this incident took place almost four years back when Dalton was 26-year old and had gone to visit an annual work physical required by his employer which is a Pennsylvania garbage removal company. On reaching there, he got to know that he had very high blood pressure and he needed to reach a hospital immediately.

He told that he had to rush to the hospital to check for the risk of stroke symptoms. It was that moment he got to knew that he had suffered a kidney failure. It was a bewildering moment for him as this unprecedented issue came all of a sudden even when he wasn’t feeling sick at all.

Later he got to know that he had glomerulonephritis, an inflammation of the kidney filters. It is considered to be a major cause of renal failure, as told by his doctor, Dr. Sundaram Hariharan, medical director of kidney transplantation at UPMC.

Dalton had a stage three kidney failure but his kidneys continued to work properly until April 2017. After this period, he had to start dialysis at home which was working well for him for the next year. Unfortunately, he had pneumonia in January 2018 and he had to make a transition to hemodialysis which required an artificial kidney and a machine to clean his blood properly. He was in no state of working and doctors told him that he must have kidney transplantation urgently.

Dalton considered his identical twin brother to be the donor. So, he asked James Ingley and he was ready to go through the surgery. But the story didn’t end up here. There was still a hindrance because James had to lose 60lbs to donate his kidney.

He told that his whole life changed when he had to transform himself to be able to donate. He changed his lifestyle completely by getting sound sleep, exercising and eating healthy. All the efforts he made was on his own, even when the doctors suggested him to get in touch with a good dietician.

Finally, in May 2018, the surgery was done and it was a complete success. Dalton didn’t even need anti-rejection medication for the transplantation. James had no doubt in his mind when his brother asked him to be the donor.

He considered an opportunity to be the savior for someone you know and who is in need. It is a precious and memorable moment for him and Dalton which has made the bond of their relationship stronger than ever. Dalton hopes to recover as quickly as possible and return to his work with good health all thanks to his brother.