God’s Plan Is Always Better Than What You Dream

Often our life seems to be in despair when we fail to get what we wished for and the feeling of being unworthy exacerbates the misery. But hold yourself up and hope for the things to get better because the divinity might have planned something better than this. It's only the faith that you need at the moment.

All those strenuous efforts and the sleepless hours you had put in were meant to lead you to your dreams. However, none of these things can assure you of the goals you had envisioned and you can’t even see as to what you could’ve done better. The moment ushers you to the harsher side of life and it’s indeed painful and even unfair. But, it’s not the end, you’re still alive and great things are waiting to greet you ahead in life.

And who knows that it’s the very path that God has planned for you with a bit of setback in the beginning but also a life better than you had wished for. The uncomforting moments were all in your destiny just to make you stronger. All this while, he has been there by your side watching you fall and get back up on your own. These wishes might be built on the slightest of knowledge, so you had to wait for so long until you have your dreams and goals evolved.

You got separated from certain people and wondered why it might’ve happened. And it often seems like you lost one of the closest friends and there’s no one you can find to fill his place. It’s the sacrifice that you paid for the path that God chose for you because he knew the friendship was about to damage you. Even if it’s the relationship that has evanesced from your life, it’s only for the lesson you can learn by losing someone.

Of all those instances, chasing for someone whom you loved so much, you couldn’t get to any of them because you’re yet to meet that perfect partner. The opportunities might be slipping out just to make some space for the golden one. You still have several doors to explore and you’ve learned to live without everything whose absence had once made your world dilapidated. Moreover, you’re never going to know God’s plan as it’s the surprises only that make this journey unpredictable yet unique.

Be it the inner strength, emotional maturity, or self-love, it’s the heartbreak that has taught you to be the better version of yourself. It’s the bigger picture that matters the most and we tend to overlook the repercussions by just being tempted by its advantages. However, the divinity doesn’t see it all with the blurred vision and he knows very well about the havoc that your choice is about to make. Let’s just have the hope that you’ll soon be blessed with the unexpected treasure. The truth is you’ve no idea when it’s coming but it’s always worth the wait.