God Will Surprise You With The Perfect Timing

The times of toil and descent seem to be a harrowing dream to most beings thriving around. To their dismay, they crash in and leave them with their hearts and souls with deep cuts and injuries. Then, they turn on their knees and look up at the almighty. But he does not respond instantly and waits for the right moment.

Prayers keep on knocking at the door of the creator of the world. The mortal souls send in their request for mercy and strength. The raging times, meanwhile, go ahead wreaking havoc on their strengths and patience. The passing moments bruise them with the blots of uncertainty and struggles. Finally, giving in to the moments, they turn to the supreme power ruling over the flowing course of life and world.

The turbulent moments of life reflect on one’s abilities and strengths to take on the world full of uncertainty. They help one in forging in one’s best version. Souls come across their weaknesses and false notions about their power. The moments thus go on whirling at their worst to make souls go back and alter the scenario and perceptions. They rock their nimble lives to make their plans crumble down.

However, the raging bits do not halt there.

The bad phase goes ahead to transform into the worst one. It renders the stable facets of life and prospects in shambles to send a chill through the spine of the concerned souls. Things refuse to work out for them despite their devotion and efforts. The juggernaut of accomplishments sticks to the shaky grounds and could not make any further advancements.

Not just that, the sense of failure looms larger over mind and heart. The positive vibes lose their ground to despair. Finally, they end up seeing the lost battle, threatening their survival.

They then turn to the last ray of hope breaking in from heaven. Their heart begins to pen down the petition seeking mercy and immunity against the disasters stalking them every second. They seal the envelopes with their tears and send in the prayers to draw the heed of the almighty to their nerve-wracking state.

Then, they breathe in the waiting moments to hear from him and saw the raging waves receding the coastline of their lives.

However, they forget that the miseries and struggles also waft in with his permission to test the might and strength of his children. These testing moments have a conspicuous role to play in their lives. Thus, they are going to stay until they live up to their tasks and period.

He will respond to the prayers pouring in. But he will wait for the right moment and time. He has already written the narration of one’s life. He will thus present the soothing bits in the best possible way.

After all, the dawn breaks on the other end when the darkness touches its peak. Hence, his blessings will break in to illuminate the rocky sphere and drive life back to normalcy.

The green shoots of happiness and hope will nestle again in the heart. The crumbled bits would bury down to pave way for the new ones, much-needed to match the changing scenarios. The lost might will surface back to power up them for a fresh start. He will stand by the broken souls; meanwhile his magical verses will weave the nets of a happy world.

However, these magical moments will take time.