God Transforms You Into A Diamond Through Tough Times

If one observes and has the heart to learn from natural processes around us, there is a lot that can be grasped. The formation process of a diamond when thought logically and mystically has a deeper meaning to be revealed. The famous line, “Tough times transform you into a diamond” when comprehended has a meaning that people should understand.

Naturally, diamonds are formed deep beneath the surface of the earth. It takes years and ages for a common rock to become a diamond. It requires high temperatures and immense pressure at the mantle for an ordinary stone to become a diamond. Furthermore, the huge amount of magnesium and carbon dioxide compels the magma to reach up to the surface of the earth via extreme eruptions.

Just like only a few among the many rocks sustain the hardships and become the rare stone diamond, similarly, an ordinary man when has the strength to surpass his tough times comes out of the situation wiser, stronger, and beautiful in his way like a diamond.

Even after the extraction, the master Jeweler puts in a lot of effort to shape the diamond, to give it the beauty that it is meant to behold. Likewise, in our life, God is the Master Jeweler who puts an ample amount of time and effort to shape us to become what we are so that we serve our ultimate purpose on this earth.

God chisels away all your negativity so that you become what you are meant to be. The quality of the rock is that it was irrepressible and did not give up when the pressure was high is what made it a diamond. Closely like that, having patience and rising above your hardships with compassion is what increases your value and gives you strength.

When life serves you with the darkest of times, it is God doing his finishing work so that the hidden beauty inside your heart reaches its surface and makes you shine like a legit gem. It is to bring the best which is hidden inside you, to tap that potential one must sustain the increasing difficulties.

When one becomes like a diamond, no one but only another diamond has the power to break it. Each difficult situation in your life is a step closer to attaining more strength and perseverance to surpass the situation. God upgrades you to your best version whenever the intensity of the adversity increases.

Without the hardships, people tend to give in to lethargy and resist any change. The constant and never-ending self-improvement makes you grow in life eventually.

Hardships are God’s way of making you and not breaking you. So, whenever you find yourself in trouble, wait and analyze that God has put forward it in front of you so that you come out of it wiser, stronger, and better. He is always there to support you and love you while you go through the bad times.

God leaves no prayer unanswered and the testing times are like the God providing you with the strength for receiving what you asked for so that you endure it when your prayers come true. When you surpass tough times, they make sense eventually.