Girls Found Using Taco Bell’s WiFi To Do Homework, $140,000 Raised For Them

Schools might be providing equal education to all the students but there are a few kids who have their own struggles outside the gates of the school. Not every student comes from an affluent background and so, they don’t have access to the basic things required to keep pace with the classroom lessons. Two girls were captured using Taco Bell’s WiFi to complete their homework and people came forward to help them.

A picture of two girls sitting outside a Taco bell in Salinas, California was shared on Instagram and the post explained that they were using the Wi-Fi to do their homework.

The picture revealed the unknown struggles that the kids go through when they don’t have all the facilities that they require for their studies. “These 2 young girls were looking for a place with WiFi to do their school work so they sat near Taco Bell to connect to the free WiFi,” the post read.

The Instagram user who uploaded the picture shared that her mother had sent her this photo. She wanted people to know how some kids who want to study have to face such challenges before they could work towards their dreams.

She wrote, “A lot of us don’t have to worry about having a proper WiFi connection or a quiet place to work from home. Every student from preschool through college should have free access to reliable WiFi especially now. What can we do as a community to pull together for students who need something as simple as WiFi in order to succeed?”

This picture reached a lot of people and they all contributed their bit to help these girls. The Salinas community came together for a good cause and supported the kids by providing them with all the things they needed.

Not every family has access to the internet and that’s where the problem begins for the kids who want WiFi to complete their homework.

The district has made a provision for a hotspot for their family and has announced that the ones who don’t have an internet connection can contact the school authorities.

Those girls are from the Salinas City Elementary School District as per the reports. One of the girls is a student at Sherwood Elementary School, and the other one attends Los Padres Elementary School.

Richard Gebin, public relations officer for the Salinas City Elementary School District explained the situation.

“Our district became aware of a post that is circulating on social media early this morning. We immediately identified the students belonging to SCESD, and since then, have provided the family with a hotspot so that our students can safely access classroom instruction from home,” he said.

“We are aware of connectivity concerns and we have placed additional orders for hotspots to address the digital divide.”

Soon, a GoFundMe page was set up by Jackie Lopez, a resident of Salinas, who wanted to raise enough money for the girls and the family.

The campaign received an amazing response. Lopez had mentioned all the details about the family on the GoFundMe page. She revealed that the mother of those two girls, Juana, is a migrant worker. She is working and raising her kids all alone.

Lopez even discovered that the family was facing trouble with the rented room they were staying in. But when she raised $140,000, it made her positive and hopeful. “For now they are safe but they need as much help as they can get. Thank you for helping change their lives,” Lopez wrote.

“All children deserve a happy place to live and because of their dedication, these little girls deserve a safe space to learn. We appreciate every single one of you for helping making that happen.”