Girl Who Couldn’t Walk, Runs The Disney Princess 5K

Never limit yourselves with the virtual impediments created by others. There are numerous instances you are pretty aware of, who defied the odds even when it was close to being doubtful. Hannah is one of those examples who even proved the doctors wrong.

She was adopted by Erin Herman when she was just 11 months old. During her birth, Erin was told by the doctors that there is a huge possibility of Hannah being unable to walk for her entire life because she had a club foot, the deformity in which the feet appear to be rotated inwards. So, this pair of mother-daughter decided to celebrate their tenth anniversary uniquely. They both participated in the Disney Princess 5K run at the Walt Disney World.

For sure, this event became a great part of their memorabilia after overcoming all the hindrances. Moreover, the journey didn’t begin here, it started when Hannah took treatment for her disability ten years ago after she had moved to Cincinnati, Ohio with Herman.

The combined efforts of the treatment and physical therapy helped Hannah to be able to walk when she was just 2 years old. “She used a walker for a long time and, all of a sudden, it came together,” Herman described Hannah to WKRC Cincinnati.

This was just the beginning of a journey that transformed the life from a run-of-the-mill to a harbinger of inspiration for other kids like Hannah. In the next years followed by the commencement of the treatment, Hannah broke all the barriers, making running and swimming a piece of cake. She even made new records in swimming. Besides, the Disney Princess marathon became a different way of celebrating the ‘Hannahversary’ for this pair.

Herman said to the Disney Parks Blog, “I always say she was my fairy tale; she was my dream come true, and here we are in the happiest place on earth.” Instead, the celebration meant much more than just a 5K run.

The participation had thrown a spotlight on all those kids who crossed their threshold and achieved something in their life. For Herman, Hannah is a herald of inspiration to other children because she is now doing what she was once told she couldn’t do.

Herman spoke to FOX19 saying, “We didn’t think she’d be able to swim, now she’s setting records in the pool. We didn’t think she’d be able to walk and now she’s running a 5K.” Even Hannah considers herself the same way. She also wants to inspire other kids and provide them the power to keep continuing with their purposes. Plus, Hannah is also determined to complete a triathlon in the future.

“It’s the things we say yes to that change the course of our lives, and you can look at any child at any point in time and say her story does not have to end this way.” Herman further added in her discussion. She also established the fact that love and the support of a family can help any child to cross his/her obstacles. Besides, another runner Marko Cheseto was the fourth to complete the half marathon, even when he had lost both of his feet 11 years ago. He is also looking forward to winning the Boston Marathon which is to be held in April.