Foster Teen Surprised Coach With Request To Adopt Her

A teenager named Alecia made her foster parent Daniel emotional by putting up the request for officially adopting her. The youth sports coach took up the role of a mentor after coaching her. She lived with him and his family for more than a year. Finally, she decided to pop the question to him on his birthday during a trip.

Unconditional love and care are what everyone seeks while struggling to secure survival in the materialistic world. Lucky is the one who has always got their family by their side to protect and heal them. Everyone does not cherish that blessing. But they get people on the way to play that role in their life. A foster teenager named Alecia found her parent soul in her former coach Daniel Donaldson and his family.

The 14-year-old girl was in foster care when Daniel Donaldson came into her life as her coach. The Alabama-based youth sports coached her and guided her in her life. Gradually, the bond between them grew strong. A caring figure began to evolve in Daniel for Alecia. Finally, after knowing about her experience in foster care, he decided to bring her under the protection of his family. He discussed his call with his family and brought Alecia home.

Thus, Daniel transitioned from her coach to her foster parent. He showered his fatherly love and care on Alecia to make her comfortable and gel on with his family. After more than a year with them as her foster family, she decided to take a step towards making their bond official. Her heart called out for making Daniel and his family her official family. Taking on that part, she went ahead to share her desire and feelings. She discussed the matter with Daniel’s wife named Tiffany instead of revealing it to Daniel directly.

After seeing the things clear and ready, she decided to pop the question of her official adoption to Daniel. The family went out on a trip after a few months. Alecia chose his birthday to put it up before Daniel. Bracing him up for the surprising moment, Tiffany, Alecia and his other three children blindfolded him. Then, they gave him a few cards to hold up. They were carrying the words Alecia wanted to speak to him.

Reflecting on that line of her thought and emotion, one card read, “This man here started out as just my coach, but he stepped up when he didn’t have to.” Another card said, “He is now not only my coach. My encourager, my protector, my provider, but now the man I call daddy.” The rest of the cards shed light on the moments that were to unwind. Finally, they removed the blindfold. The other family members were supporting expressions of excitement, hinting at the question that was to pop. Trying to figure out what was going on; he turned around to find Alecia holding the card that read, “will you adopt me?”

Waves of emotions began to rush through his veins and inundated his heart. He couldn’t hold himself back on seeing the adoption request by Alecia. Expressing his joy and delight, he went ahead to embrace Alecia with love. The father-daughter duo lived the moment to the full and celebrated their bond.

Shedding light on the heartening moment, Alecia shared, “I will always remember that day and the hug he gave me.” Adding to that, she said, “When he hugged me I felt so happy and safe.” Finally, Alecia got her protected and caring world with Daniel and his family bestowing her with that delight.