Failure Teaches Us More Lessons Than Success

If it is good, there is bad and the balance of both is very important. If you face failure you will surely face success as well. Just believe in the process of the universe because there is a plan for everybody. Blessed are the ones who face failures first because they learn lessons that success could never teach them.

It is truly said that fast success builds ego and slow success builds character. Everybody fears failure even the ones reading quotes on failure. It is easier said than done. Reading the quotes is very but moving forward and implementing them is the tough part. Taking action is the tough part. But to succeed in life one has to move forward despite the fears.

Letting failure teach you is more important than being successful. Failure teaches one the true meaning of courage. The character that one builds with slow success is the ultimate success one can achieve. Failure is the one and only teacher one needs if one let’s allow it to be. B.F. Skinner rightly said that “A failure is not always a mistake; it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”

Danielle Bernock shared her story and challenge of opening an online store. She opened an online store but failed to run it into profits but did not back down from the challenges. She was born and grown up in the era of rotary landlines and party lines. All the technology she uses now is that she is learning to use and had never used it.

Accounts and management were never an issue but when it came to using the latest technology it was an issue for her. But she did not see it as an obstacle but as a challenge. There was so much to learn and she did learn all of it and is very proud of herself for it. It is not that only she has troubles with the technology many feuds with the new technology every day. But people who give up and don’t try are the ones who actually loose.

She opened her online store, learned new things, designed new things, met her deadlines, accomplished new things and is very happy with herself. Yes, it was time-consuming and a distraction to her writing but that did not stop her. There was a time when the sales stopped and with it the revenue but she had enough which kept the store running.

There was a time when every effort made by her saddened her and it was just pointing her to failure. But she could not her creation go away after all it was hers. But instead of giving in to her emotions she focused on her work and gave her best. She closed the store and overcame her emotions of grief. That day she realized that if there is failure there is also a success.

She analyzed both sides and started working again. She began her new adventure with new passion and zeal. Getting up after a fall is that matters. Keeping in mind the lessons of her failure she excelled towards success. Failures are the best thing to create a new self within yourself. Failure is not the end until one decides so.