Determined Twins Shed Over 18st To Change Their Life

Shannon and Olivia Wilson realized that it was high time to change their lifestyle or else the repercussions would have been worse. From wearing sizes 26 and 28, treating themselves to McDonald’s, Greggs, and Subway to exercising together, the transition was something that they too had never expected.

Twin sisters Shannon and Olivia Wilson always looked up to Subway, McDonald’s, and Greggs as their regular place for meals. After all these years of eating junk together without their parents knowing about it, they had to wear sizes 26 and 28. They too were unhappy with how they looked but the condition worsened to an extent when Olivia had severe pain while bending down just to put on her shoes.

Spinal surgery was the only option left but since then, the twin sisters made up their minds to improve their situation and the determination finally paid off. They focused more on their diets, substituting the takeaways with healthy choices, and also set up their daily workout routine. Olivia, a Financial Manager, always dreamt of wearing a size 10 because clothes had always been her motivation. However, in her 20s, shopping could never get the clothes of her size in any shop.

She got rid of all her miseries and she feels like a model wearing the dress she wants. “I can go to sleep at night now whereas before I used to struggle to breathe,” says Olivia. Shannon, a customer support manager tells how people are astounded to see them now and are also moved by their inspirational journey. The twin sisters are happy to be together and change their life forever.

Spinal stenosis caused a narrowing of spaces in Oliva’s spine, which made her unable to get up from her bed during the weekends. Surgery was the only choice left and after getting it done in July 2019, she knew that it was the temporary solution and needed more strenuous efforts to relieve the pain forever.

Olivia said: “You sort of lie to yourself by covering it up and denying to yourself how big you really are. I would never wear jeans or anything tight, it would always be leggings with a big dress and cardigan.” Having a work shift at 4 am, she’d go to McDonald’s to get her breakfast. It used to be so much that she had to take a break and finish it over. And the weekends were horrifying because she was bed-bound which eventually led to a lot of emotional eating.

She was so incapacitated that her father had to put her shoes on for her. In May 2020, Shannon saw the difference in her sister’s size after the treatment. She too realized that it was time for her to change herself but was afraid to step on the scales. Doing it for the very first time brought all her nightmares. It had all begun when they started getting pocket money and spent it on their treats.

In May 2020, they moved in together, started watching workout videos, and figured out the effective moves for themselves. Olivia has lost 136lbs while Shannon lost 121lbs. Shannon says that it’s not about restricting yourself but breaking the emotional bond with your favorite foods. You can still have them but in moderation.