Dad 3D Prints Prosthetic Hands For Kids Free Of Charge

Children are super precious to their parents. Parents can never see their children in trouble. Because they just want their children to be happy. And they would go to any extent to solve their child’s grievances. Just like this dad did, his son wanted a hand and so he managed to 3D print one for him.

Parents are always acting like saviors for their children. Though while growing up children often tend to misapprehend their fathers. And they are misapprehended maybe because they are not as expressive as mothers are. This child shared his need with his father and it was fulfilled. Carter’s mum was 12 weeks pregnant with him when doctors told his parents that their child’s right hand wasn’t developing. Eventually, he was born without a right hand. His special needs never impeded his approach towards life. He has always been a vivacious and diligent boy.

Though gradually as he grew up, he realized he was different from other kids. One day his father was giving him a bath when he asked him that could he build him a hand. His father instinctively replied ‘soon buddy’. In one of the interviews, his father said that he was left numb when Carter asked him that question. His father looked for a lot of ways to help out his son and his tenacity paid off; he came across a design of a 3D printed hand. He approached a 3D printing lab for the same and they assured him that they could help him out as they were acquainted with printing prosthetics.

Subsequently, Carter’s wish was granted by his father and he got a hand. He also reckoned that there could be a lot of children with limb differences and they too could have the same needs as Carter had but professional prosthetics might not be economically feasible for them. So, he started an organization that would help such kids and provides them with prosthetics for absolutely free, they even wouldn’t have to pay for the shipping charges. Usually, a professional prosthetic could charge people somewhere around $ 20,000.

His organization has been doing a commendable job. He said the whole purpose behind setting up such an organization was that no kid should suffer because they could not afford it. His organization would be able to bring a smile to the faces of so many children, it would make their lives easier. His kindness would hopefully motivate others to be as thoughtful and considerate as he has been. This world needs more generous people who would support others in their times of need instead of pulling them down so they could go up. Moreover, helping someone will never dampen anything from anyone’s life rather it would make their life more meaningful