Crossfit Couple Held Deadlift Contest At Their Own Wedding

These days fitness is not just about to fit. People are very passionate about fitness-related activities. One couple, from Denver who is mad about cross fitness, hosted a wedding based on a cross-fitness theme wherein they had challenges for themselves and their guests planned out.

It surely isn’t a tough answer to guess when it comes to asking where the couple met. The couple met at Caleb’s gym, Project Rise Fitness when Ericka went to join the gym. Ericka went to get a gym’s membership but ended up running the gym with now her husband. The couple has flaunted each other on their respective Instagram accounts on various occasions and their love for fitness was never in question. The couple had a different idea for their wedding.

The couple portrayed their love in a manner that best could best describe their personalities being hungry, outgoing and a little crazy as told by Ericka. She further stated that she was fed fried chicken by their officiant, had shots of pre-workout with the guests. Caleb knew that his wife to be will get hungry by the twenty-minute standing ceremony so, he brought snacks for her.

The couple wanted their guests to receive a memory that they’ll keep for a very long time. They planned their first dance where they didn’t ask rather had other activities planned for the entire ballroom. There were three activities. The first one was where they played a mini-dodge ball game. The second reflected their love for eating. It was a Jell-O eating contest. And lastly, it was a deadlift competition. Ericka had reasons for this kind of ‘first dance’. She said that people never remember you having a slow dance on a romantic song but they’ll surely remember you going face deep in a pie while you are in your wedding dress.

Though the couple had planned out many wild things for their special day, they sure did take part in it in the traditional way. The couple took their vows. It is fair for us to say that the couple sure did leave their guests as well us, the readers a memory to keep. In recent times, I feel this is the newest and wildest type of a wedding that I have heard of. God bless the fit couple!