Couple Transformed Old Van Into A Pizza Truck After Losing Jobs In Pandemic

With the coming up of this catastrophic pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. But apart from all this, there are people who in spite of losing their jobs, have come out to be stronger, people who made the most out of it during these tough times. Apparently, a couple has set an outstanding example for this.

This couple was also affected with the impact of corona-virus hit and had unfortunately lost its jobs. But being strong ever since, this couple managed to change their unfortunate into a fortunate one. They found the opportunity which could best suit both of them and that was of turning an old Van into a brand new pizza truck. The guy earlier used to be a tour guide and his partner was a head chef in a restaurant, which clearly says how smartly this couple went out to opt for the pizza truck business.

The couple knew that they somehow had to come up with an alternative for income earning as both of them had lost their jobs. The business idea went into their favor and was a turning point in their life because neither of them had an idea that the pizza truck could do so splendidly well. The girl, being from Italy had the perfect sense of making a delicious pizza. The duo went for the truck idea because it was feasible and wouldn’t have been affected much by the lockdown. They even had an idea of going around different places and make people have a taste of their very own pizza.

The couple was all set to win the hearts with their variety of pizzas, pizzette and farinata for the local community in their specially designed Italian wood fired pizza oven. They shared their story of having mixed feelings all this while and how in such a short time span they arranged everything and were all set to hit the streets of that very place. And to their surprise, people actually have been loving their idea and all the reactions were amazing. For all those out there who have a very little idea of what Farinatas and pizzettes are, here’s a short description.

Basically, farinatas are deliciously baked chickpea pancakes, popular in Tuscany/Liguria, where the chef comes from. It’s vegan, gluten and dairy free. Pizzettes are smaller boat shaped pizzas great for eating on the go. And both of these are served for the lunchtime. Last but not the least, the couple even wishes to take their Pizza truck idea to other countries as well, especially to the people having mental problems who not necessarily have to buy the pizza but can also come for a chat or a pizza making lesson from them.

So, kudos to this couple for coming out so strong and bringing out the best in themselves!