Couple Distributed Rainbow Face Masks To Fight Corona-Virus And Homophobia

A Polish couple named Jakub Kwiecinski and Dawid Mycek took on the streets to provide some relief and protection to the vulnerable souls against the raging corona-virus scare. They also went ahead to make people sensitive towards the LGBTQ+ community that is under serious threat across the country. Combining their two aims, they distributed over 300 rainbow face masks.

With corona-virus looking in no mood to leave our world, souls across the globe are coming on the board with creative ways to give it a tough fight. Some are suing their artistic hues while others are going ahead to revive humanity by making people circumvent the horror of social-stigmas. Making advancement in the latter domain, a Polish gay couple- Jakub Kwiecinski and Dawid Mycek has stepped in with vibrant colors.

Poland looks defiant to leave conservative roots while most of the countries are recognizing the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. With around one-third to the municipalities “cleansing” themselves of the gay people, the horrors of the worst to happen have started doing their rounds across the country. But it looks like there is some hope.

The Polish gap couple has lighted that up for their other counterparts. Looking at the nasty spree of corona-virus that is demolishing the pillars of survival of humans, they decided to contribute their efforts in the fight against it. They felt the need to distribute masks among people dominated the hour. So they started working on that front. They borrowed a sewing machine from one of their grandmothers and sought help from their tailor friend.

Taking on the design of the masks, they decided to use the symbol of their community- a rainbow. Grabbing the severity of the situation, they thought it to be the right time for the people to leave their prejudices behind and join hands together. So they went ahead to help people against corona-virus and homophobia at the same time. Their noble intentions helped them make more than 300 masks. After getting done with the sewing task, it was time for them to distribute.

Their hearts were pounding with the fear of facing outrage from the people. However, their fear translated into joy with people falling in love with their deed. They accepted their efforts with open hearts. The couple ended up distributing the masks in the tri-city area of Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot in northern Poland. To spread the shine of their initiative, they also shot the spree and posted it on YouTube. The 6 minutes long video has received 34000 views.

Taking on their efforts, Jakub shared, “It was great to see that the rainbow didn’t scare people but will help them stay safe. … Many Polish people call us a plague, so we thought if we help people overcome real plague, they might change their mind. I know it’s naive, but if we can do something good, then why not?”

Finally, the charm of the rainbow is all up to join the global fight.