Couple Created App For Parents To Exchange Toys For Free

A couple and parents-of-three created and app for other parents to get and sell baby products and toys for free. This app can help parents to sell the toys and products, they do not need and allows all the parents to get those toys and products for free.

Jason and Emma Ash, the creators of the app got inspired to create this app when one of their boys found this fire truck at a yard sale in the States and fell in love with it. The seller of the truck got very happy to see someone get that excited for something that was gathering dust before, and let the boy take it for free. Jason and Emma Ash did not want another product or toy to get wasted instead of making someone so happy, created this app for parents and children to both be happy.

YoungPlanet, the app helps parents to sell their children’s unused products and toys and help the other parents to get high-quality toys and products. This app is a cashless platform. The range of different items such as, books, clothes, toys and baby products can be listed by the parents and even be requested by them. There have been cases when more than one parent wants to buy the product, the app then prioritizes to those who need them most than others or have donated the most items in the past.

The system also encourages more and more to sell their products. The app was first experimented for people in London. Now, it has expanded across the UK with around 35,000 users. Jason has shared earlier that they knew how popular the app will be between those who want to lead a more sustainable life, but had little idea of how vast and strong the community they would build. He further said that they have received plenty of positive feedback and are very happy to have helped and made things easier for people.

In the coming time, with how the economy is going the app has the potential to be a healthy resource for parents. The creators have the hope for the app to be the first place for parents to put away their products and toys they do not love enough for others to cherish it completely. The swapping of toys and products is necessary because it can benefit everyone. The creators said they want to help everyone save money, as they can and give away the products, they do not need without having to feel guilt of throwing away something useful.

They feel of giving away is underrated, as the feeling of satisfaction of someone using the products and loving it which the person giving did not need is not looked upon. That is a simple joy to give away something. The creators of YoungPlanet want its community to grow and help even more families. To have something this positive in the world and something that makes so many happy and content is also not looked upon. We wish the creators good luck for their community to grow and happiness, as it is them spreading it so much.