Cops Surprised 9-Year-Old Quarantined Boy With Birthday Cake

Social distancing and self-isolation are some of the key measures that one has to take to ensure that they are safe. This will help us fight the battle against coronavirus. Cleanliness, self-isolation, and social distancing will help us stop the spread of the coronavirus. While all the events and birthday bashes are being canceled police officers brought a cake for the quarantined birthday boy.

All over the globe weddings, baby showers, graduation ceremonies, sports events, and birthday bashes are getting canceled. All the events are being canceled so that people can practice social distancing and self-isolation. The guidelines if followed can help us win the battle of life and death. But it is hard for the parents to calm their kids down after they are heartbroken because the events are canceled with whom they were looking forward too.

Birthday parties and graduation ceremonies were one of them. Birthday parties of children are top the list. Tiny dots going to their friend’s places for some fun time and snacks. Dressing up and going to different themed birthday parties. Or going unnecessarily to trampoline parks to burn off the sugar high.

Telling them that the parties are no longer happening and watching their sad faces is heartbreaking. No matter how serious and dangerous the global pandemic is the children do not get the seriousness of the whole thing. But one police precinct understands what the kids are going through and decided to do something for them.

The police team went the extra mile to make sure a birthday boy on his 9th birthday feels special and loved. They made sure he had more than his family members to celebrate the birthday and had his birthday cake. A team of four police officers from the 49th precinct in the Bronx bought a cake and went to the boy to celebrate his 9th birthday party.

They maintained the social distancing guidelines and cut the cake from a social distancing spot. They make sure that they celebrate his birthday by cutting a birthday cake and singing for him.

The precinct posted some pictures on their twitter handle and wrote: “When we heard this young 9yr old child was a bit discouraged he couldn’t celebrate his birthday outside, we wanted to make sure his day was a memorable one by stopping by with birthday cake.”

New York City is the epicenter of the pandemic in the United State and has been adversely hit by the global pandemic. Along with other health care workers and first-hand responders’ more than 4,000 police officers have been tested positive of the coronavirus. New York Police Department has been hit hard.

During these hard times, it is important to celebrate little happiness. To show that humanity and joy still exists. We can win this battle by celebrating our joys and follow the guidelines given by the health authorities and the government at the same time. We just have to follow the guidelines and stay home so that the virus does not spread further.