Closing The Gaps Is Vital To Your Life And Success

If you had to sum up life, what would be the one sentence you would use? it could really be summed up with you spend most of your life trying to close the ‘GAPS’ in the most parts of your life. The GAP between you and everything you want out of your life and want in your life.

There is always a time when a hidden devil which resides in you is running after you. In your mind there are tasks that are undone or incomplete. Some have career related issues; some may have family related wants. These all are the endless vicious circles of life that keeps on running.

Let’s learn out its definition first. So, what is a GAP? A GAP is described as a break in continuity. It is an unfilled space or an interval. Here is the list of GAPS that you may have once in your life pertain.

A Success Gap: The gap between the expectations you have of yourself and where you are currently today.

The Health Gap: The gap between your current health situation and the health situation that you would like to have.

The Relationship Gap: This could be with respect to a lot of relationships in your life such as: with your wife, boss, your children, your parents, your neighbour etc. The gap between your relationship is today and where you would like that relationship to be.

The Confidence Gap: Where you stand today in your own abilities and skills in an area of importance to you versus you pursuing that of which eludes you.

The Communication Gap: Most likely this gap exists in a variety of different ways in your life. It could be the lack of communication from your boss, the lack of communication of you and your spouse and many more areas of your life that are important.

The Income Gap: This is the gap between your current financial status and the status you want.

Are all these mentioned Gaps being the real one you should fill? The answer to this question depends upon your own self. Maybe the real parts or gaps one should fill are the pieces of one’s heart that have remained intact, the ideas that one never gave time to think, some of the weird dreams that one never dared to pronounce not even to oneself.

There may be some little happiness and joys that meant the world but you never paid attention to them. The key to closing a gap in any area of our life is first by identifying that there exists a gap in your life. All such gaps are kept intact inside one’s heart or we can say that one has just forgot the way to it.

We all need to fill these gaps to do our best. We all need to close these gaps as filling these gaps is vital for our life and success.