Boy Who Sold His Pokémon Cards To Save His Dog Gets Sent Rare Cards

A young boy sold his Pokémon Card collection to save his dog’s life. He got rewarded with a package of rare trading cards. Bryson Kliemann, an 8 year old who belongs to Lebanon, Virginia made headlines for his selfless act when he decided to sell his Pokémon Card collection to save his puppy, Bruce.

Bruce was diagnosed by a highly infectious canine virus known as Parvo. Bryson’s mother, Kimberly Woodruff rushed Bruce to Southwest Virginia Veterinary Services. The dog was given calming medications at first. Later they were told that the whole treatment will cost about 700$. Bryson’s family didn’t have that much money to save the dog. It made Bryson really sad. He considered Bruce to be his best friend. My brother and sister both play together and I don’t have anyone to play with said Bryson. Bruce was the only one who used to play with him. That’s when Bryson decided that he will try to collect some money for treatment by selling his Pokémon Cards.

Bryson’s decision to sell his Pokémon Cards surprised Kimberly. She didn’t know if Bruce meant that much to Bryson. So, she also decided to help. She shared a picture of her son sitting in a roadside setup selling his Pokémon Cards. It helped them spread the word. Kimberly also made a GoFundMe page with a goal of 800$. But as Bryson’s generosity spread, the donations exceeded 5000$. After a week of treatment, Bruce came home to his adorable owners. Bryson was overjoyed by Bruce’s return from the hospital. Bruce received his treatment but some vaccinations appointments were still lined up. He was great and doing amazingly well claimed Kimberly.

The news of A little boy selling his Pokémon Cards also reached Pokémon Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. The employees saw the pictures of Bryson sitting beside a road trying to sell his Pokémon Collection. They were amazed by the impact it had all over the internet. They were impressed by Bryson’s kind and helpful attitude towards his dog. In order to appreciate Bryson’s kindness, they decided to reward him with some of the rarest collection of Pokémon Cards. These cards are rare to find in stores. They also sent a letter to Bryson. It read, ‘Hey Bryson, we were so inspired by your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery. This also motivates everyone else to be kind and generous towards animals. Here are some of the rarest Pokémon Cards for you. Hope these will compensate for the one’s that you had to sell’. Bryson was delighted to receive new Pokémon Cards.

Bryson said that, He is happy that Bruce is fine. He was proud of himself for all the things that he did to save Bruce. Now both his brother and sister were also enjoying playing with Bruce more. Kimberly said that whatever extra money that they got from GoFundMe page will go towards the treatment of other pets in Southwest Virginia. This incident shows how a little act of kindness act as a motivation for many others. We should know that there are always kind hearted people all around the world who will help you if you are doing the right thing. Hopefully Bruce will soon make a new Pokémon Collection and always stays brave and generous.