Being Alone Does Not Mean You Are Not Enough

The lies about seclusion or solitude have blackened us for most of the time. The ones who choose to live isolated are looked upon as the ones unfit in the code of society. To most of us, being alone indicates that the person is incomplete but it’d be considered otherwise if they’re a part of a crowd. Sadly, the same thinking has clouded our minds as well.

Sometimes, we sit in a moment of bliss not to calm ourselves down, but to imagine the day when we will be like others. Well, this is the time when even the hours feel like seconds, neither your food fills up the hunger and even water doesn’t seem to fill the dryness. Just because this one question has taken over your mind and now you might as well feel the incompleteness as a reflection of what you were told. So, does it really highlight the difficulties you have? Do you really need someone by your side in order to be perceived as a human?

The question is itself complex and so is the solution, but someday, you’ll know that this was all a lie. And no matter how much it haunts you, you need to cut it out and fill it up with the truth that being a lone wolf is for the courageous. Everything around you is still the same and it’s completely normal to enjoy the moments while being all alone. This is just a little of what you’ve observed and it’d take you several more years to actually understand yourself better.

The ways to find the ecstasy are still in your hands and it’s often easy to find your true self in solitude, away from the chaos of the world. Only you have the exact knowledge of your views and thoughts, so why not be feeling good about who you are? You are as precious as anyone else around you and you may not even need the comradery or in any way, you’re unfit for it. Let the lies unveil themselves, so you can be free from them and become the ebullient version of yourself.

Understand that you’re important and the absence or presence of no one ever had anything to do with it. Your contentment is never dependent on someone’s availability, how you feel is what matters the most. And although reading all these lines would help you aspirate the fulfillment you always wanted, know that you might have to wait for it as well. The years of perceiving the lies may have a lasting effect, but someday, the pain will ease. So, why not use your enthusiasm into finding your uniqueness and purpose?

The mist filled with lies can only blur your vision but it can never alter the actuality. The truth is still the same and all you need is to rise so high that you can see beyond the dark falsities. The fact of the matter always does justice without the blinded judgment. So, it’d be better to be observant and examine the situation without being lost in the haze. Because you are way more powerful than you really think.