Be Brave To Read Out Your Story Aloud

We all have ups and downs in our lives. We all have proud moments and some moments that we are not even ready to recall. What matters is understanding that every moment is ours and we have to own them. Not only we have to be brave enough to own them up but we should have the guts to read them out aloud.

Our life is a book with proud chapters that we are glad happened and read with a big smile. But there are chapters that we are not proud of. We don’t even have the guts to recall them let alone read them. These chapters bring memories that have caused us a great measure of pain and hurt. They are not easy to overcome and challenge you at every point in life.

It is not always easy to put them in words and express them. There is hurt, pain, anguish, and struggle. But one has to overcome each one of them turns by turn to realize their strength. Yes, you need to share them. No story would make sense without all the chapters. Each chapter is important to listen to. Each chapter has its significance and tells the reason why you are you.

We hide our feelings from the world and weep inside. But weeping inside is more dangerous than letting people know because tears can be wiped out but weeping inside leaves scars which are not easy to remove. Trying to hide our feelings, we slowly let our thoughts and pain engulf us in a self wallow. Trying to hide our true feeling we get lost in the darkness of pain.

We lose our real selves by trying to isolate ourselves from others. Avoiding and hiding is not the answer to any problem, because the truth ultimately comes out and when you try to run from it, it surely bites you hard in the back. It is better if we face what we are feeling and deal with our feelings whether painful or cheerful.

By hiding the feelings, we wear a mask and pretend to be someone we are not. We let the weight of being someone else weigh us down. Rather than dealing with the pain and blooming we hide. We try to remain cheerful and keep pressing down the real feeling not thinking that one day all the suppressed feelings will explode. The day the bubble explodes it will become messier to wipe out.

Rather than dealing with the mess of feelings try to deal with them one by one when given a chance. Your emotional and mental health comes first. Do not think about what others think of you because ultimately it all comes to what you think of yourself. You are alone in the world at the end and have to trust the process of the universe. Nothing is done by accident, everything happens because of a reason.

We chose to cling to the pain rather than face the sunshine because we become habitual of it. But that is not the right solution to deal with the pain. Every chapter, especially the pained ones not only tells our story but they add depth to our character. They are more important than cheerful and bubbly ones. One has to accept them and should have the capacity to read them aloud.