Band Teachers Played Fight Song As A Gift For Graduating Band Members

There is no doubt that the class of 2020 has got it rough. The global pandemic has made the high school authorities cancel the graduation ceremonies and proms at all the places where the outbreak is serious. But one Band Staff won’t take no for an answer and went door to door to play the school’s fight school as a graduation gift.

Band practices, graduation ceremonies, prom nights all have been canceled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The batch of 2020 has missed out on a lot of things and one of them is getting to hear the school’s band performance on their graduation ceremonies. But the members of the Plano Senior High School Band staff had something else in their minds for the graduating students.

The members of the band went from door to door to the houses of senior band members and played the school’s fight song as their graduation gift. The pictures and videos of the same made its way to the Facebook page of Plano Band Boosters. Even the graphic for the same was shared on the Facebook page.

And as a band graphic, it is pretty intense just like any poster of hard rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses or KISS. A staff trio had this idea and on behalf of the children, they are going to senior band members’ houses to play the school fight song. The trio includes the director of the band, Jason Lewis, and two assistants.

Since they are three in number and are going from house to house they are making sure that all the precautions are being followed. Social distancing, sanitizing hands, and all other things. They travel in their separate cards and stand apart while playing the song. They went door to door for three straights days and played on the lawn.

Hats off to our amazing directors! Can’t wait to seeing them on tour!!!

Posted by Plano Band Boosters on Monday, May 11, 2020

Assistant band director Michael Hernandez shared that “I’ve got this bass drum that has a pedal on it. I’m like a one-man percussion section. It’s gonna be a rock and roll kind of experience I think… All right boys, we ready? Let’s do this. Go Plano!” the band members are blessed to have directors with such a great mindset.

The trio believed that all the senior members deserved a proper farewell especially when the circumstances are so difficult. Thus they went to the house of every single senior band member and played the school’s fight song standing in their lawn. Senior Katelyn Knudtson loved their performance. She was all smiles and happy to see some familiar faces after so long.

She shared, “It’s pretty cool they came all the way down to East Plano just to play the fight song for me one last time.” The trio made 100 stops in total in three days and played for seven hours in a day, but was not tired.

The band director shared “We have a phrase in the Plano band that says ‘same thing, last time, finish strong’ and they truly have finished strong. Anything we can do to help boost some spirits and give them a lasting memory.”