Are You Struggling To Be Happy? Give This A Read!

We are made to believe that happiness is an aim which we have to achieve. It has nowadays become a destination where we have to reach. This rush makes us to forget that happiness is a state of being and that it can be felt in every moment of our life.

Hoping to find happiness one day, we continue to chase it. We continue to hunt for it and pursue it. The madness to seek happiness grows in us and we never realize it unless it is too late.

Our small and big goals get tied to our happiness. For instance, when we upload a photograph of us on our Instagram or any other social media handle, we are more concerned about the amount of likes it will get. We forget about the beautiful moment which made us capture it in a photograph. We forget the reason behind posting the photograph. The truth here in fact is, that the moment which we captured was the moment we all were chasing for. That was the true moment which brought us joy. We do not require others to tell us that we are beautiful. We should remember that we shared something because it was beautiful.

We live in a world where we try to seek validation from others. We think that other people are better judge than ourselves. We need to ask ourselves ‘Why’ on various parameters. Like, why are we choosing to live in a certain way, why do we need to compare ourselves from others, why is it that we burden ourselves with the opinions of others, why do we choose to be sad when our happiness is in our hands and why do we seek happiness when we can feel it in every moment.

Our happiness is in our hands and it takes only a moment to choose it. In the hurry to achieve our goals, we often forget that achieving it won’t make us feel whole but it is in our hard work towards achieving that goal which makes us feel complete and happy.

In the rush to chase the person whom we think is “The one”, we push them farther away. We give them the authority of our happiness. Our happiness lies on their acceptance of us. We forget that we don’t need others to tell us that we are amazing the way we are. When we see ourselves as someone who deserves to be happy then we won’t need any approvals from someone.

One should remember that you are not alone in this struggle to achieve happiness and it is also not something that is elusive and can’t be achieved. It’s with us the entire time. All we need to do is, to see it. It’s in the blessings, the best people around you and the things that bring joy to you. It’s in your confidence and truth. Pains and sufferings end one day. Happiness is the truth. It is in forgetting what you need to be and rather be just you.