Applying Makeup Without The Use Of Hands, This Inspiring Artist Has Chosen The Unconventional Path

When you are on your way to living your dreams, roadblocks would keep showing up in the path and overcoming those obstacles is the part and parcel of this journey. However, in the case of Jessica Ruiz, her path had a challenge right at the beginning but she used it to her advantage and how!

The 26-year-old Jessica Ruiz is following her dreams despite all the struggles she had to go through at such a young age. Ruiz is unable to use her arms and hands as any normal person can due to a birth defect, a condition being termed as arthrogryposis. She doesn’t let her disability come in the way of her willingness to step into the world of makeup. This is truly inspiring, right?

Diving into her past, she did not have a normal childhood and was studying at a “special” school, surviving there wasn’t a cake walk at all for her! She was a tomboy and her peers kept taunting her for the way she kept herself which we all know is rude and can make the other person really upset.

But Ruiz knew that being optimistic is the only key to handle such situations. She chose a different track that has led her to this beautiful destination and we all know the journey never ends!

After all the unfair comments that came her way when she was 10, she got into the art of makeup as she was enthralled by this art. But the questions that arose were all about her disability as makeup needs an entire work of hands and arms which was not good news for Ruiz. However, she did not worry about that even for a second and became her own teacher in this field.

She began watching videos on YouTube and learned the skills of applying the cosmetic products and combined them with her own knowledge and convenience of applying makeup with her mouth. This is such a great effort and we all need to take some motivation from this incredible artist!

When she started wearing makeup, she received a “new” kind of attention from her friends which made her even more confident about herself. Her friends changed their opinions they had about her and were in a way influenced by her changed looks. A little sense of achievement came to her when her friend in high school asked her to give her a makeup look as well.

At that point, Ruiz knew that makeup world was her true calling even though she was afraid of taking the next few steps in that direction. Her fear had to do with the feelings of the people on whom she would be working her makeup magic as they might get uncomfortable of her being too close to their face. But this fear was tiny in front of all the challenges she had already conquered including the one where she could not get into a school of cosmetology in Philadelphia.

After all the vain attempts of getting into a cosmetology school, she started her own venture by the name Dreamy Eyes Artistry and she has 3 to 4 makeup appointments per week. She has a huge following on Instagram which is all because of her unique style of applying makeup which is appreciated by the people.

The determination with which Ruiz had stepped into this world has only increased since then. She has set her goals for the future, one of them is to launch her own cosmetic products and design her own makeup brushes. All we can do is wish her well for her endeavors. Her belief in herself is the strength she is carrying!