A Woman Lost 10 Stones And Saved £130 On Food Per Week

The weighty issues keep on doing the rounds in our lives. Frequent weight gain and loss make people go hysterical. Everybody aspires to don a slim-trim figure in our age. Walking on the same path, a woman named Melissa Middlemiss lost 10 stones by abstaining herself from the fast foods and takeaways. Prior to that, she used to weigh over 20 stones with her height at the score of 5 ft 4inch.

The 31-year-old woman was caught in the vicious craving for food. Her obesity bubbled up after she underwent an operation in 2016. Her bowels were not working properly at that time. After the operation part, she found it difficult to stand for a long time. So she became more and more dependent on fast foods and takeaways. Eventually, she ended up putting more and more weight. The County Durham resident realized it and wanted to get rid of it. Also, she shared that she wanted to start a family but her weight impeded that.

Losing out on her food habits, she decided to make a bold move. She embarked on the way to achieve a slim-trim figure. To her delight, she was accompanied by her husband in her pursuit. Phil had been supportive and pushed his wife to move out of her boundaries. He also lost two and a half stone weight while bolstering his wife.

The couple decided to ban tongue-twisting kebabs, pizzas and Chinese food in their lives. They resorted to homemade healthy meals. Gradually, they witnessed some changes in their obese bodies. Not just that, her food budget had squeezed out to £40 from £170 per week. With time laced with determination, Melisa lost 10 stones of her body. It was half of her body’s weight. She was delighted and felt out of the world to achieve her goal.


After that, she went ahead to help others to break the wall of obesity. She donned the garbs of a consultant and joined Slimming World. There she gave weekly classes to ignite a fire in her students to burn out their calories. She topped her classes with her success story and encouraged them to go for a healthy lifestyle. According to her, she still had body image issues but she was pleased with what she had achieved.

Phil was too inspired by her stint. He then decided to follow her footsteps and joined her classes. Weighing over 24 stones, the big man had aimed at losing 5 stones. He was 6 ft 4 inch in height. Their family too stood up with them and had been supportive throughout their journey.

Finally, she could take some sigh of relief. Phil too might have got a lot to learn and follow. The couple had waged a new vogue for their counterparts. They have proved that obesity could be struck down by embracing a healthy lifestyle laced with immense determination.