A Generous Cab Driver Gives This Dog A Ride To The Beach After She Becomes Unable To Walk There

Dogs know how to brighten up our days and bring a smile on our faces but who can do the same for those adorable pooches? They too deserve all the love, attention, and care that they give us. This golden retriever, Reema found her savior when she could no longer walk to her favorite beach. A kind cab driver gave her free rides. You’ll need a few tissues while you read this adorable story!

Reema, a golden retriever has always enjoyed the sound of the waves as she relaxes on the sand under the sun. She loves to sit at the beach and feel the calmness of the sea. However, this cute dog has been experiencing some tough time and is unable to walk to the beach.

Reema suffers from a back problem that doesn’t allow her to have proper movement and so, walking a mile to the beach is not possible for this cute pooch.

Suzanne Clarke, 57, who is Reema’s owner could not see her dog feeling so helpless and sad when she skipped her beach days. So, Suzanne asked for help and posted the whole situation on social media seeking assistance. She hoped that someone who has a car would come forward and help her dog visit her favorite place again.

“Reema was very sad that she was no longer able to walk on the beach. It’s her favourite place to go and is so close to us that it seemed such a shame she was missing out. I thought I may as well put the problem on Facebook to see if anyone could help, which is how I met Paul,” Suzanne shared.

Paul Brown, 49, saw the post and he instantly offered his help to take this pooch to the beach and make her happy once again. “He’s a lovely man and very kind to let Reema sit in his car,” Suzanne said about the generous taxi driver.

“When I saw what was being asked I didn’t think twice about it, I just got in touch and offered my services. Some people are funny about having dogs in their car but that’s not me, they’re part of the family in my opinion,” Paul shared.

“Others say dogs can only go in the boot but I would never do that. I wouldn’t put a person in the boot, so why would I put an older dog in there?”

Reem, 10, has spent quite a lot of her years being a traveler and has taken trips to various places around the globe with Suzanne and her husband Andy. She has traveled to Spain, Belgium, and Portugal with them!

“Reema has lived a long and exciting life but I think her days of travelling abroad are behind her now. She’s quite happy to make the short trip to the beach nowadays. I’m really grateful to Paul for taking us there, it has made us both very happy,” said the grateful dog owner.

It is truly heartwarming to watch people being so kind and thoughtful towards animals. We couldn’t be happier for Reema who could finally be at her favorite place after being away for a while!