74-Year-Old Woman Graduated With 22-Year-Old Granddaughter

A grandmother in Tennessee proved that when you are determined enough to get something, you can get that thing. She went to college at the age of 74. She graduated along with her granddaughter, who was just 22-years-old, and proved that age is just a number or an excuse.

The grandmother, Pat Ormond graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Her granddaughter, Melody, got her degree on the same day as well. Melody earned a bachelors’ degree in psychology and on the other hand, Pat got her degree in anthropology.

It was a part of the plan to get the degrees together. Pat and Melody, both got themselves enrolled in the same university in 2017. Since then, they started preparing to graduate at the same time. It was indeed an exciting experience for both of them.

It was difficult for Pat to manage everything after quitting her studies for so long. She had to take more than usual classes per semester. She had to attend labs as well. Nonetheless, Pat, being a strong woman, managed everything. She scored a total of a 3.79-grade points.

Pat used to have a career in accounting before she accepted a full-time job of being a mother and then a grandmother. She tried to finish her education throughout her lifetime. She took classes and tried to manage everything. But due to the demanding job and responsibilities of being a mother, it was difficult to achieve her dreams.

The money she used to earn was allocated for food, rent, and other essential expenses of the household. There were children’s expenses that needed to be taken care of. The children’s education was the top priority for her. After all the expenses, the money that was saved was not enough for her education. Thus, it used to go into the savings box.

Pat’s family knew the importance of education in her life. Therefore, when she retired, they supported her to complete the education. They believed in her and encouraged her to “give her dreams a shot.”

Once, Pat’s education line got the push, it needed, there was no stopping her. Not only she completed her graduation in the given time with her granddaughter, but she also began to work towards getting another bachelors’ degree as well. She, now, is working towards her bachelors’ degree in history and aiming to get it completed by 2023.

Although, both the grandmother and the granddaughter were unsure about the future after they got their degrees. But Melody seemed to believe that she would get the support of her grandmother in whichever direction she would go. Pat was, is, and always will be Melody’s inspiration.

Pat and Melody share a deep bond. Pat has always been an inspiration for Melody. She always encouraged Melody to live life to the fullest. She is of the view that one need not do everything in their life. Life is a long journey and a real win lies in living it to the fullest. Enjoying whatever one is doing.

Grandma’s words were touching and inspiring for Melody. She aspired to be like her grandmother. She believed that her grandmother had seen and experienced many things. She would like to be in a position to tell stories about the things she would experience in the future to her grandchild just like her grandmother.