7-Year-Old Girl Makes Designs Masks For Handing Them Out To The Homeless

While there’s an ongoing fight with the virus that has changed a lot around the world, there are people who are making this battle slightly easier by helping the ones in need. The challenges are many but now, there are heroes who won’t let anyone around them suffer. This 7-year-old girl living in Lombard, Illinois has been making face masks for the homeless and essential workers.

Olivia Dru Tyler, 7, understands how difficult the times are and they can be harder to endure for some. The ones who are living on the streets without a permanent shelter have a tough time protecting themselves from this terrible situation.

So, Olivia decided to take one step towards helping the homeless by providing masks to protect them from coronavirus. She even opened a nonprofit called OliviaDruCares that aimed at creating enough face masks for the homeless.

Linda Tyler, Olivia’s mom reveals that her little girl had always been inclined towards working to help the homeless people since she was five.

When J.B. Pritzker, Illinois governor announced that every person must wear a mask when stepping outside, Olivia thought about the ones who have no place to call home and are outside for the most part of the day.

“Governor Pritzker said on TV that all people are supposed to wear masks, but I thought, how are people supposed to get masks? Masks are sometimes expensive and sometimes people don’t even have the money,” the little girl shared.

Initially, finding a mask in the market was a challenge due to the sudden outbreak but as days passed by, masks were available at every shop and online. But that didn’t solve the problem for the homeless folks.

“So, I decided that we make a company called OliviaDruCares where we give you some masks to help you stay safe, including in this time,” she added.

Olivia sells one mask for $5 through her venture. “For every mask sold, we donate one to the homeless or an essential worker, but the ultimate goal is to be able to get to Olivia’s vision of a homeless hotel, and to house, feed, and provide a healthy environment to the homeless people,” Olivia’s dad, Andrew Tyler, revealed.

This 7-year-old crafts those masks all by herself inspired by her drawings. She even had a meeting with Governor Pritzker.

Linda shared all that her daughter does to bring a smile on the faces of the homeless people. “People who are really broken in spirit would hear from her—she would ask them what color [mask] they wanted, hand them out, and say, ‘God bless you’. It was just enough to help them get through what may have been one of their toughest days.”

It’s beautiful to watch such young kids realizing the gravity of the situation and putting in efforts to help those who need it. These are the real heroes who prove that we all are holding the magic wand of kindness. We just need to sprinkle a little magic everywhere!