1million Free Meals With Tesco Ingredients For NHS Staff Fighting COVID 19

The former McLaren Formula One boss- Ron Dennis and Tesco have joined hands to carry the initiative- “SalutetheNHS” to take care of the food requirements of the medical soldiers leading the battle against the corona virus outbreak. Ron has donated more than £1 million for the cause. Tesco has put down its ingredients to help Absolute Taste prepare the meal boxes.

Medical staff is leaving no stone unturned to help the victims to withstand the heat of the pandemic around the world. They have sacrificed their comforts, safety and nights to fulfill their professional commitments. Taking note of their efforts, many influential people have come up to provide solace to these drained souls. Ron Dennis (former head of McLaren Formula One) and Tesco are some of them.

Looking at the medical staff toiling hard to flatten the curve of the pandemic damage, Ron Dennis went ahead to make a mark. He was worried about the food requirements and arrangements for the engaged medical soldiers. To ease out the things for the overworked souls, he went ahead to donate more than £1 million to put the system that could ensure free supply of food to the hard-working people. He ended up with the “SalutetheNHS” initiative to take the things up in that direction.

Powering his noble thoughts, Tesco has come up on the front. It has added to his efforts by announcing to donate its ingredients for the preparation of the meal. Absolute Taste has got the golden opportunity to cook the meal packets containing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 1 million people for the next three months.

The packets would reach the ICU teams, anaesthetic teams and A&E staff for free. They include the people who are doing 12-hour shifts without stealing a second to catch their breaths. To make the initiative serve on a large scale, they would also deliver the packets to the medical personnel who have fallen prey to the crisis and are observing self-isolation.

The delivery system has started to deliver at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. The sample meal that the initiative has put up includes Keralan veggie curry with wholegrain rice and lean beef chilli with veggie rice. Thus, they have tried to keep the nutritional requirements in mind while designing the meal box.

Taking on the initiative, the co-founder of SalutetheNHS.org- Ron Dennis said, “This is a time when all of us, individuals and businesses alike, need to stand up and be counted in the effort to combat Covid-19. I am delighted to be leading this initiative to help ensure that vital NHS workers have nutritious meals while they work every hour in this fight”.

Tesco’s CEO- Dave Lewis said, “Covid-19 has reminded the country of the critical role of essential workers, and on behalf of Tesco colleagues, we would like to sincerely thank NHS staff for all they are doing”.

Finally, the NHS workers can carry out their onus with no food besets over the heads.