10-Year-Old Raises Money For Giving Bulletproof Vests To Police Dogs

When it comes to the safety of an individual in a field that demands the utmost protection of a person, they are provided with it. The police department is one such organization where the officers on duty are given the safety equipment including bulletproof vests to protect themselves. However, police dogs are rarely seen with such safety measures. So, a 10-year-old boy decided to change this and raised money to buy bulletproof vests for those dogs.

Brady Snakovsky from Strongsville, Ohio was watching Live PD with his mum, Leah Tornabene, and realized something odd in the scene. He observed that a police K-9 had been on duty without any bulletproof vest while the handler had one on. This made him think deeply and research more about it.

Brady discovered that it wasn’t just one scene or episode but the reality. He found that police dogs are deprived of the essential protection and that’s when an idea struck him!

This 10-year-old boy created a GoFundMe page and the initial donations were enough for him to purchase four vests in February 2018 that he gave to the police dogs serving within the Ohio State Troopers.

That wasn’t the end for Brady as he was determined to help more such police dogs by giving them the deserved safety equipment.

He attended various community events and made people aware of this situation and urged them to help with whatever they can. This 10-year-old wrote a letter to his local congressmen and asked for their attention and contribution in this matter. He finally raised funds through such activities and left no stone unturned to achieve what he had thought in his mind.

Brady made sure that everyone he knew or met was aware of his mission. This guy wasted no further time and set up Brady’s K9 Fund that is a nonprofit organization working towards raising funds for a good supply of bulletproof vests to the police and military dogs.

The fundraising has been successful and he has given vests to more than 250 dogs and the total amount he managed to raise was more than $315,000. That’s incredible!

Leah, Brady’s mom, shared the story and said, “We were watching the show together and I didn’t even notice that the dog wasn’t wearing a vest. I was quite surprised that a child at age eight could recognise that there was an issue there, and that he could find a solution to fix that problem. It made me very proud to see him doing this.”

She explained that police forces don’t have enough money to buy such protective gear for the dogs. They are dependent on the funding that comes in. So, Brady plays an important role here.

“As his mum, I’m very proud of him for putting others first. He thinks they should be protected and he saw a need for that,” his mom expressed.

Brady wished to be a police officer when he grows up and revealed that he “want[s] to help out other people and keep people safe.”

He is already doing a lot to serve the department by providing funds for their K-9 units. “I like seeing the smile on the handler’s face,” this young inspiring boy shared.

This thoughtful boy is doing an amazing job in this area and we hope he accomplishes his mission and is able to provide the vests to all the police dogs in the departments.