10-Year-Old Cleaned Off Snow From 80 Hospital Workers’ Cars During Storm

Christian Stone, a 15-years-old boy of class fifth along with a family friend Abbey Meeker, 29-years-old set out to Westerly Hospital in the middle of a big snowstorm on Monday, February 1, while the workers at the hospital were making themselves ready to change the shifts.

Stone had expressed his wish to do something nice for the nurses during another storm last month. It was then when he promised to go out and clean their cars the next time it snowed.

While talking in the interview, Meeker clarified that she told the young boy that she would go with him on his mission. Even though she felt that it was a terrible idea to be in snow, she did it because it was what her friend wanted to do.

She further explained that she thought that the nurses have been helping all of us a lot through this whole pandemic and that’s why to repay their favor they decided to help them. The nurses spent an entire day being available to the patients suffering from the COVID outbreak. At the end of the day, they shouldn’t face any difficulty while going to their home. So they came up with the idea to clean up their cars to make it a bit easier for them.

The duo reached the hospital at around 2:00 pm and cleaned off the cars of those working on the first shift before the nurses came out to thank them. Meeker told that they probably cleaned at least 80 cars.

Meeker told to make this task fun, they turned it into a game. They would look out for drivers unlocking their cars with their remote keys before hurrying over to clean the car as fast as possible.

The 29-years-old knew Christian’s mother from school time. She interpreted the boy as smarter than what he should be of his age. She considered him as her little partner in crime. Christian was passionate about helping people. He was so determined to help people that he would shovel his neighbors’ driveways before he went with Meeker to Westerly Hospital.

Christian confessed that the task was ‘cold’, but in the end seeing the smiles on the staff members’ faces when they saw their clean cars made him happy. The workers at the hospital thanked them for their kind gesture. Christian added that he and Meeker just wanted the staff to be able to go home safely and see their family after a long day at work.

Some appreciative member of staff proposed to pay the pair for their services but Meeker refused to accept it. He told them that it was the least they could do for their dedication to do hard work during these tough times.